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One of the first companies to adopt this type of feature, Obermeyer has been putting their i-Grow and Exteneded wear systems in their kids outerwear for decades. Found on the majority of kids snowpants and jackets for little kids, i-Grow alows you to extend sleeves by 1.5 inches, and pant legs by 2 inches. The same system comes in select junior kids pants and jackets, but is called Extended Wear. To utilize these systems, simply fold the end of the sleeve or pant leg inside out, and you will notice extra material sewn into the liner. Snip the thread holding this material and give it a pull to release the extra length. i-Grow is also featured in the shoulders of select little kids Obermeyer bib pants. Here the extra material is sewn into the bib, which can be released but requires the strap to be resewn before use. Save money and hassle by getting multiple seasons out of your Oberemeyer gear!