Newly revamped for 2012, this extremely durable water repellant finish, or DWR, is used on the majority or Spyder's junior and little kids outerwear. Not only does this coating help keep your kids dry, it also protects against water and oil-based stains. Fries with ketchup and hot chocolate at the chalet? No problem. And for stains and dirt that make their way onto the jacket and are too much to wipe off, this layer is safe to wash in a standard washing machine, per garment instructions. Spylon+ maintains up to 80% of its repellency even after 50 cycles through the washer. Letting kids be kids is easier knowing that their jacket or pants can stand up to anything they dish out. Spyder products from the 2011 season and before have the original Spylon DWR, which is very similar but lasts through less wash cycles than Spylon+.