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Burton Kids Baseball Hats

Like most apparel, baseball caps came about more through necessity than fashion. They were designed to cover your head during summertime sports and are made of a material to draw moisture away from your head. They are dome-shaped, to better stay on through strenuous activity. They have a brim in front to keep the sun and moisture out of your face, but not along the sides, to prevent it from flying off your head – the perfect addition to a baseball player’s outfit.

Although baseball caps still allow the same functionality as they have from the start, they aren’t just about showing loyalty to your favorite sports team anymore. They can be an accessory to your personality and fashion sense as well as a show of pride in the brand that you dig the most. The evolution of baseball caps has advanced in different styles and sizes to better fit different-sized people. Let your child’s true individuality shine through and buy a youth baseball cap from!

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