Donations we accept:

  • Jackets, snow pants, gloves & mittens, snow boots, goggles, helmets**, and more
  • Brand must be one carried on or comparable
  • Item must be less than 4 years old.
  • Item must be in use-able condition:
    • No tears in fabric (inside or outside)
    • No stains
    • Small scuffs, dirt spots which can be washed, and minor wear and tear are usually acceptable 

How it works:

  • Email the item(s) you would like to donate with a brief description of type of: 
    • item type (i.e. jacket, snow pant, etc.)
    • Brand
    • How old
    • Any imperfections
    • Sending photo(s) is recommended
  • We will email you back within 1 business day with an estimated amount of rewards points you will receive for your donation(s) as well as a free UPS shipping label and instructions on how to send the item(s) to our office.
  • Once the item is received at our office, and we confirm your item(s) donated, rewards points will be added to your account that day and will be ready for use on both and/or
        *WinterKids reserves the right to refuse donations which do not match emailed description of the items.

Organizations we donate to:

  • aaa charity + link 
  • bbb charity + link
  • ccc charity + link

If you have a preference on which charity your items are donated to, please include that in your correspondence.

Average Rewards for Donations

*Every 100 points equals $1 USD (every 1 point equals 1 cent)

**Helmets must have never of been involved in a significant crash - inspection will be made upon arrival at our office.

***Reward points may differ depending on brand, age, and condition.

***Final determination of rewards points earned for your donation occurs upon receipt of the item