Oakley Fall Line XM Replacement Lens

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Oakley Fall Line XM Replacement Lens

Oakley Fall Line XM Replacement Lens

These work with Oakley's Ridgelock tech to make lens swaps easy. They fit with the mid-sized, or XM, Fall Line goggles by Oakley. These lenses provide colors precisely tuned to maximize contrast and enhance visibility out in the snow.


Prizmâ„¢ - Prizm lenses have been engineered to help you perform over a wider range of lighting conditions, reducing the need to switch lenses as lighting conditions change. You'll notice when looking at the lens tints that each Prizm lens offers appropriate variable light transmission across a much broader range than a traditional lens. This is the future, three lenses are all you need for any condition conceivable, and thanks to the broad range of coverage you can typically get away with just one.

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