8 Unique Uses for Hand Warmers

8 Unique Uses for Hand Warmers

Posted by WinterKids on Sunday, November 25, 2018

Outdoor adventurers and sports enthusiasts know that hand and toe warmers can really be the difference between a good time and a great time. Once I learned that all I needed was the right gear to still enjoy my time outside in cold weather, it was a game changer and I have since become a winter hiker. To be outside (my favorite place to be) all year round has had a great impact on my happiness and my dog is pretty jazzed about it, too!

If you’re like me, the first things to get cold and stay cold are your hands and feet and the type of cold that I experience in my extremities tends to be the type of biting cold that convinces me to call it a day and get back indoors. When I beef up my winter gear with hand and toe warmers though, I am able to stay out longer and get the most I want to out of my day outside. My in-laws, being season ticket holders to their alma mater’s football games, buy hand warmers in bulk so that they can cheer for their team on some of the coldest Colorado days. They’re also their grandchildren’s biggest supporters on the soccer fields, and use hand warmers during the fall season games.

Now, those are the obvious uses for hand and toe warmers, sports games, snow days, outdoor hikes. But I bet some of the uses you’ll find on this list might surprise you!

  1. For emergencies, I keep a bag of hand warmers in my car. If ever stranded on a cold day, you can wrap them in some cloth or paper towels (don’t put them directly on your skin) and stick them under your armpit or by your groin to prevent hypothermia.
  2. Keep your coffee warm or your water from freezing on a cold day by sticking a hand warmer in between the bottle and some sort of coozie.
  3. Use hand or toe warmers to dry wet boots, socks or mittens.
  4. Put them in your sleeping bag when camping on cold nights for added heat. When I went backpacking in Colorado in October, I didn’t have a super cold rated sleeping bag and I FORGOT my hand and toe warmers and my cold toes kept me up just about all night.
  5. After you’ve used your hand or toe warmers up, you can still use them to soak up moisture because they are oxygen collecting! Drop your phone or other electronics? Try sticking them in a bag with used hand warmers in it!
  6. Headache or migraine? Wrap up your hand warmer in a washcloth or soft cloth and hold it against your head. It should provide the same amount of relief as a heating pad.
  7. In addition to helping with headaches or migraines, use hand warmers for cramps or muscle pain! Remember, do not hold them directly against your skin.
  8. For photographers, keep a hand warmer in your photo bag to keep batteries warm so you don’t have to miss the perfect shot!

Not only are these great stocking stuffers, but they could also help save your life in an emergency! During the winter, every adventure house should have hand warmers available.

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