A Ski Pro Named Palmer

A Ski Pro Named Palmer

Posted by WinterKids on Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Meet Palmer!

All the way from Essex, UK this 8-year-old competitive ski champ is making moves and on his way to becoming a professional skier. Palmer is one of our amazing mini-ambassadors and we love seeing him excel in his sport! Palmer is a skier to watch -- pretty soon you might see him shred on TV!

Name: Palmer Parish Age: 8 Home State: Essex, UK Winter Sport of Choice: Freestyle Skiing

WinterKids: How old were you when you first started hitting the slopes and who first taught you how to ski/snowboard?

Palmer: I was 3 when I had my lesson at an indoor slope in the UK. I’ve been lucky enough to ski in the Alps in Europe a few times now with my mum and dad. Now, my coaches, Nick and Dan help me at my home slope each week.

WK: Where is the coolest place you’ve ever ski/snowboarded, what did you love about it the most?

Palmer: The best place was Laax in Switzerland this Year where I competed in the British Championships. I loved trying the super pipe for the first time and I got bronze in under 12’s in slopestyle. Everyone I ski with in the UK was there so it was an awesome week!

WK: What is your favorite ski/snowboarding trick, how long did it take you to learn?

Palmer: My favourite trick is a 540 with a grab. It took me about a year to learn- I’ve been doing 360 spins for ages.

WK: What is the next challenge or trick in your sport you’re working on? How is it going? Palmer: I’ve just started throwing front flips on skis after 6 months of doing it on a trampoline. I’m still landing on my back a bit but I’m going to get it soon... next I’m after a misty 5.

WK: Who is your ski/snowboarding hero and why?

Palmer: Definitely James Woods. He’s a world-class skier who learnt on a dry slope in Sheffield. I met him this year in Laax and he dropped in with me. Best day ever.

WK: What is your favorite thing to do in the off season/summer time?

Palmer: Well, I still ski all summer because we have dryslopes and indoor slopes here. I meet my friends every week. I also like skateboarding and gaming.

WK: What are you doing when you’re not on the slopes?

Palmer: I play my x-box and play out.

WK: If you could have any superpower, what would it be and why?

Palmer: Do any trick and never fall!

WK: Do you have any tips for kids or adults who are just starting out in the sport?

Palmer: Send it! It’s got to be fun with your mates. Also, don’t forget to get some decent back protection if you’re riding rails or the kicker.

WK: What do you want to be when you grow up and why?

Palmer: I’d like to ski for a job. It’s doing what I love and getting paid for it!

WK: Anything else you would like our readers' to know about you?

Palmer: I’ve got a baby sister. Apparently, I’m meant to teach her to ski soon!

Since we spoke with Palmer, he DID land his first front flip! Watch the video here:

Thank you Palmer for talking with us! We love seeing you make progress towards your goal of becoming a professional skier. Can't wait to see you at the Olympics in no time!

If you want to keep up with Palmer, you can follow him on Instagram @palmer_ski_parish 

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