No Spring Break Plans Yet? Go Skiing and Snowboarding!

No Spring Break Plans Yet? Go Skiing and Snowboarding!

Posted by WinterKids on Friday, February 28, 2020

At WinterKids, we feel one of the best Spring Break vacations a family can take is a ski trip! It’s not only fun for the kids, it’s fun for whole family! No matter your skill level, skiing and snowboarding is always a great time - plus, it gets the kids outside enjoying the outdoors and keeps everyone active during the school break!

Activities & Lesssons

A Spring Break ski trip is fun on it’s own just skiing the mountain with the family, but many resorts have a lot of other fun options for the whole family!

Most ski resorts these days have a tubing hill for the members of the family who still want to have fun on the mountain, but want to take a day off from skiing. And some resorts even have alpine roller coasters these days!

Snowshoeing is always a way to keep active and have fun while taking the day off from skiing! Many shops near resorts will rent showshoes for the day for a reasonable price and can give suggestions on where to go and advice on difficulty of the trail. WinterKids can also ship your kids showshoes to your hotel, as well as women’s snowshoes from

Of course the reason for your vacation is to ski and snowboard, so make sure to allocate a few days of your trip for just that!

Whether your kid has been skiing for a while or new to the sport, a lesson is never a bad idea to improve on their skill – plus it gives the parents a day to explore the mountain by yourself! It’s a win-win for both you and your kid(s)! 😀

Here’s an idea of pricing for lessons during Spring Break at Winter Park – many resorts pricing are similar to this for lessons. In addition, Breckenridge Ski Resort and Aspen / Snowmass ski resorts have full guides to their family fun Spring Break activities.

Travel & Accommodations

If you are flying to your destination, and if you have skis/snowboards you will be transporting - we might suggest comparing pricing on shipping your gear to the hotel you are staying. Most hotels will accommodate this (check with them before shipping) and can save a lot of money versus some of the airline’s high fees for oversized luggage!

Renting a car can be expensive and wasteful, as most ski towns normally do not require much driving. Many airports have shuttles, which can affordably take the family to the mountain. From Denver International Airport, there are many options, here are some of them: Once you’re at your destination, most hotels also offer shuttles to the base of the mountain. We recommend checking with the hotel before booking as this is a great and very convenient perk!

If you are staying at an Airbnb or VRBO rental, we recommend checking to see if it is close to a bus stop which takes you to the mountain – again, this is very easy and safe transport to the mountain!

If you do choose to drive, the resorts offer many different parking options – the proximity to the base typically will determine the price of their parking.

What to Wear & Rentals

Keeping the kids warm is always key, because as our slogan at says, ‘When the Kids are Cold, the Day is Done.’

With that said, the warmest jacket is not always the best option – yes, we mean that! In some super cold conditions, you may want the absolute warmest jacket, but in milder Spring skiing conditions the warmest jacket is too warm, your kid will sweat, and actually become colder due to the sweat than if they were in a jacket with less insulation. Actually, this is true for a lot of conditions except when the temperatures are frigid as the best way to keep warm and dry is a waterproof insulated jacket. Around 80g-100g of synthetic insulation is sufficient, even a waterproof shell might be sufficient for some kids who run hot. Many kids ski jackets and kids snowboard jackets available at fit this description. Once you pick the right jacket, layering correctly is the key element to dressing your kid for most conditions. We recommend a moisture wicking kids first layer and a fleece layer…in some cases, the kids fleece layer won’t be needed but can always be taken off during the day – it’s better to shed the layers than not have them!

Do not forget safety! Kids ski helmets can save lives and help prevent concussions in the unfortunate even of a hard fall!

If you are in need of rentals, most resorts have their own rental programs - but renting from a nearby retailer can have it's benefits on price and a well-trained staff to fit and tune your rental equipment properly! If you are skiing on the east cost - especially near the Philadelphia, PA area - we recommend Buckman's Ski Shops for all your ski and snowboard rental needs!

We hope the information provided in this blog helps you plan your ski trip, and more importantly gets you and the whole family excited to go on a Spring Break ski trip! More than anything when on the mountain, remember to have fun!

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