How To Size Your Child For A Ski or Snowboard Helmet

How To Size Your Child For A Ski or Snowboard Helmet

Posted by WinterKids on Monday, October 13, 2014

Having the right size kids ski or snowboard helmet is essential for an enjoyable experience on the mountain.

Not only does having the right size help ensure that the helmet protects as it should, but it also drastically affects comfort. Helmets that are too large can move around during the day, and leave certain areas unprotected. Those that are too small are extremely uncomfortable, and leave no room for additional cold weather headgear such as hats or balaclavas.

Everyone wants to ensure that their child keeps their helmet on during a day of skiing or riding, and the best way to make sure that happens is to get them one that is comfortable to wear.

Kids snow helmets today typically come in limited sizes; however, each size will normally cover a range of different head shapes and sizes. This is due to the adjustable band included in many helmets that can tighten or loosen, allowing the helmet to dial in the perfect fit.

The range of measurements for each size refers to all sizes the helmet will fit when it is tightened all the way, loosened all the way, and everything in between. These sizing systems are easy to use and can be adjusted with gloves or mittens on while on-the-go. This is great for making changes when the weather is bad and you would rather not take their helmet off, keeping their heads covered from wind and snow.

How to Measure

Measuring your child’s head to determine their helmet size is very easy. Simply take a soft tape measure, string, shoelace or similar item and measure the distance around their head, just above the eyebrows. This represents the largest part of the head and is the best way to determine fit. Take this distance in centimeters and match it to the measurement ranges given for each respective helmet size. If you do not have a metric measurement tape or ruler, simply multiply the length in inches by 2.54 to convert to centimeters.

Once you have this measurement and have located the corresponding range matched to each helmet size, you’re all set. If your child’s head measurement falls between the ranges listed, we recommend sizing up, as you will likely get more use out of the helmet as he or she grows, and the addition of a thicker beanie or hat can sometimes make up for helmets that may be slightly big. Again, one that is too small will be uncomfortable and may only last a portion of the season.

If you are uncertain about which size helmet to choose, or have any questions about the sizing process, please feel free to contact us through our customer support line at 1-800-924-5484 or email at And - don't forget to shop your kids ski and snowboard helmet today at!


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