Safety Tips for the Slopes

Safety Tips for the Slopes

Posted by WinterKids on Monday, January 29, 2018

Skiing and Snowboarding while both fun also have responsibilities that need to take place to make it enjoyable. Safety is essential when you are on the slopes. It is not only to protect you but the others around you who may or may not have the same skill set! Leg, wrist, and head injuries are common among them and a high percentage happen in beginners. Slope condition like ice and overcrowded areas are also factors that increase risk when skiing. I am going to go over a couple tips I believe are essential for these awesome winter activities.

Always wear a Helmet!

A helmet shouldn’t be an option anymore, it is necessary. The slope can be unpredictable, and accidents will occur occasionally. It is best to be cautious and protect yourself so you can enjoy many more years on the slopes.

Ski with a Friend!

The buddy system is important in many activities. For the purpose of injury, they will be able to find help. You both can keep each other accountable for each other.

Be Prepared for Weather.

You will feel most comfortable when you are prepared for the weather. Make sure you have enough layers on so you don’t become cold and good equipment with waterproof technology and breathability so you don’t become wet. By being prepared for the weather, you are prolonging your time on the slopes!

Take a Lesson.

It may seem like a good idea to join all your experienced friends on the slopes. However, there is a great risk of injury which wouldn’t be fun for anyone. If you are a beginner, make sure you take a lesson. They will be able to give guidance and help you improve.

Know your Skill Level!

It is important to build your skill level before trying terrain that may cause injury. Confidence is important in these two winter sports, however also knowing your limits is also important.   This will keep you safe and prevent injury. It is your responsibility to stay in control and watch out for others.

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