What Kids Who Ski Need To Stay Warm On The Slopes

What Kids Who Ski Need To Stay Warm On The Slopes

Posted by WinterKids on Friday, March 13, 2015

For decades, skiing has been a great way for parents and kids to have fun in the great outdoors during the wintertime. There’s no better way to spend a Saturday than bundling up the kids in warm ski clothing and heading to the mountains for a day of fun in the snow! The fun can only last as long as the kids stay warm, though - which is why we want to make sure the kids are equipped with quality children’s ski clothing.

Stay Warm on the Ski Slopes with Quality Kids Outerwear

Kids ski jackets, pants, and accessories, including hats, gloves, goggles, and helmets, are designed specifically for kids who ski. All our kids clothing is created with detailed technologies to ensure that kids stay super warm and dry throughout the day when skiing. Children’s ski clothing continually evolves and enhances year after year, with new designs and performance levels to look forward to at the start of every season.

WinterKids.com has all of the kids clothing and accessories kids need on the ski slopes! You’ll find:

First Layers: the moisture-wicking next-to-skin top and bottom layers, known better as “long underwear.”

Second Layers: providing extra warmth, this layer is typically a top, sweater, or jacket, and is usually made of fleece.

Outer Layer: the waterproof and breathable layer made up of ski jackets and pants, this layer is also insulated and protects against wind and water.

Gloves and Mittens:  protect your child’s digits with gloves and mittens - their hands won’t freeze, and they’ll stay toasty warm with a quality pair of gloves or mittens!

Goggles: it is crucial not to send a child on the mountain without a pair of goggles, since goggles protect their eyes and help them see clearly on the mountain.

Hats: arguably the most fun part of the outfit, hats come in all colors, designs, and patterns to help keep your child’s head warm!

Helmets: the most essential part of the ski clothing outfit that can’t be forgotten, helmets save lives and protect your child from falls and other bumps on the hill.

Socks: socks keep your child’s feet warm and dry, and come in different colors, styles, and designs (and they’re even cozy worn with a pair of kids winter boots from WinterKids.com)!

All of the best ski clothing for toddlers and juniors can be found at WinterKids.com. You’ll find everything from kids ski jackets, pants, hats, gloves, and more!

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