Winter Sports Dictionary for Dummies

Winter Sports Dictionary for Dummies

Posted by WinterKids on Monday, February 19, 2018

We have all heard a conversation between more advanced riders and thought what are they saying? Well here are some new words for your ski/snowboard vocabulary. Learn them, ride them, and love them!

Moguls: Bumps set out on slopes for more advanced runners!

Traverse: Skiing across a slope in a zigzag pattern.

White Out: When there is almost no visibility due to heavy snowfall or fog.

Snow Park: An area filled with rails, jumps, and boxes for freestyle riders

Grab: When a rider grabs a hold of their skis or board while attempting tricks and jumps.

Fakie: Skiing/Snowboarding backward.

Carving: Turns where the edges of the skis/snowboards are used.

Aerials: Freestyle ski jumping where a rider flips in the air.


Riders, what words/phrases could you share with beginners? Comment below.





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